What is your chocolate personality?

Chocolate consumption is an emotional affair. More than with any other food we eat, chocolate is adored not just for its flavour and texture but the way it makes us feel. Nearly all of us have our clear favourites when it comes to choosing a chocolate and when doing so we most likely make the same choice time and time again. It comes as no surprise that psychologists have identified a clear connection between our choice of chocolate and our personality traits.

Doctor Murray Langham aka Dr Chocolate is without a doubt the leading voice in this chocolate personality debate. Years of fieldwork and patient observations lead him to the discovery of rather convincing patterns between people’s personality or state of their mind and their tastes in chocolate.

According to Langham, those who favour dark chocolate tend to be pragmatic problem solvers who are excited about the future. Whereas those who prefer milk chocolate are romantic at heart and like to dwell on the past. White chocolate aficionados have an innate sense of fairness and believe they have the power of the universe at their command.

Different fillings within the chocolate also appeal to different personalities. Traditional people tend to like peppermint flavoured filling. Creative types often go for coconut filling. Hard-caramel filling appeals to methodical go-getters, fruity flavours on the other hand to people who dislike routine and prefer to change their focus frequently.

Different personality traits also manifest themselves in the choice of the chocolate’s shape. If selecting on the basis of shape alone, extroverts tend do go for round shaped chocolates. Introverts and shy individuals prefer square or triangle chocolates.

The theory is still open to debate and needs further empirical evidence. The next time you hold a dinner party, why not offer your guests a Charbonnel et Walker chocolate selection box? Take note of your guests’ choices and put Langham’s theory to the test. Let us know your findings!

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